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Reciprocity Ring

The Reciprocity Ring is a one-time, face-to-face or virtual exercise that makes asking for and offering help easy.   Learn how to put these principles into action every day using Givitas, a scalable technology platform that makes it easy to ask for help.

The Reciprocity Ring teaching people how and why to ask for help

Over 200,000 people in more than 15 countries have participated


Used in some of the most innovative and successful organizations in the world


Used in 17 of the top 20 business schools in the world


“The Reciprocity Ring is a revolutionary exercise in corporate give and take—a remarkable experience that changes the way we see helping, problem-solving, and social networks.”

-Adam Grant, Author of Give and Take

A dynamic group exercise

The Reciprocity Ring is a dynamic group exercise that applies the “pay-it-forward” principle to your team or group while creating and cementing high-quality connections.

People who use the Reciprocity Ring get the information they need and solve real problems, both personal and professional. Moreover, it energizes a group, creating strong relationships that help individuals and organizations.

Proven and reliable, the Reciprocity Ring is also simple, systematic, and scalable. It can be used with groups ranging from 15 to 500. To date, nearly 200,000 people have used this powerful exercise, including executives, managers, and professionals around the world.


Enjoy real results

The Reciprocity Ring does not deal in hypotheticals — its performance is backed up with hard data from real-world experience. We record and track the results of the Ring:

Monetary values of benefits achieved typically exceeds $150,000
Time saved by participants typically exceeds 1,600 hours
The exercise builds community, strengthening the network of relationships among participants
Real business benefits are achieved.

The Reciprocity Ring is transformative — and informative. Not only will you learn solutions to your issues, but you’ll also learn more about your colleagues and co-workers.

Optimize for in-person settings or Virtual

The Reciprocity Ring can be an in-person face to face exercise in small or large group settings, a hybrid experience with some in-person and some remote as well as  being completely virtual.



  • Recommended for smaller groups without internet access

  • Participants must be in the same physical location

  • Use paper materials that we provide

  • Map your own network visual

  • Exercise is completed in one 90 minute-2.5 hour session



  • Recommended for groups with internet access

  • Added value for groups of more than 40 people

  • Participants can be in-person or remote

  • Can be used with web browser or mobile app

  • One-click analytics and network visuals

  • Exercise can be done in one session or split into two segments and customized to meet your time restrictions

  • Option to extend platform access to Givitas to continue and scale giving behaviors

Compare Your Options

While the Reciprocity Ring is a one-time, dynamic group exercise, Givitasis a software platform that puts its principles into practice on a daily basis.Givitas participants make requests and offers just as they do in a Reciprocity Ring, but they do so every day, spending less than 5 minutes a day connecting with others and building a giving culture, but doing so on an ongoing basis.

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