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Join the thousands of people who already enjoy the benefits of a generous community.

"One of the things that I love... is the way that we're able to see our employees and Employee Resource Group Members connect to crowdsource knowledge. This is a way for us to see how we're building networks across business functions and across the organization!"
- Karen Perham-Lippman, DEIB Program Manager, Lumen Technologies

"Givitas allows people who wouldn't normally participate naturally in networking to have a place where they can do and feel safe in asking for help"

- Bev Hutney, CEO, The Stelter Company

Mike Alexander, Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs at Texas A&M University 


What People Say

“I saved $30,000 and 4 weeks of time by finding a solution had already been created for the problem I was trying to solve”

“I saved probably 6 hours if you count the back-and-forth time of emailing not having to track down a specific person .”

“I saved at least 16 hours searching for help to create a Gender Transitioning Plan and 4 - 8 hours saved by asking for help on a PowerApps form project.”

“I was able to help someone in 5 minutes to do to what initially took me almost a week to investigate on my own. This saved someone a week’s worth of emails and calls to figure out the issue.”

“I am Inside Sales Rep where I have to be a jack of all trades - and that is no small feat - this group has helped me save hours - not minutes, by not having to search all the documents and resources to get wrong answers or incomplete answers. This is a very strong group that has a multitude of experience and answers - we need to keep this group in place!”

"A GREAT way to ask for help when you don't know exactly WHO to ask for help from...and when you have an idea and don't know how to kick off the idea.”

"A brilliant program that promotes pooling talent in unlikely places across during a time when we have very much been isolated. Great job!”

Ready to start changing the culture in your organization ?

Ready to teach people about the power of asking for help, and being a giver and helping others?

Ready to put the E(quity) and I(nclusion) into your DEI journey?

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