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Give and Take Inc.

The knowledge-sharing platform that drives generosity, gratitude, and trust

The Reciprocity Ring in action
What We Do

The Reciprocity Ring
and Givitas

Connecting people and knowledge

to build powerful collaboration networks

that teach the power of asking for help

and the benefits of being a giver and helping others

Establishes informal network relationships

Drives knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation

Improves engagement, culture, generosity and gratitude

Increases equity, inclusion and belonging

Provides diagnostic analytics and network maps

Reciprocity Ring teaching people how to ask for help
Givitas helping people help each other to solve problems


The Reciprocity Ring is a one-time, face-to-face or virtual exercise that makes asking for and offering help easy. Learn how to put these principles into action every day using Givitas, a scalable technology platform that makes it easy to ask for help.


Givitas is a scalable technology platform that makes it easier for employees to ask for help. This purpose built, safe space was designed based on scientific research showing that generous work communities create loyal, efficient, happy employees.

Join the thousands of people who already enjoythe benefits of a
generous community.


"Givitas allows people who wouldn't normally participate naturally in networking to have a place where they can do and feel safe in asking for help"

The way we work
has changed forever

The future of work offers tremendous advantages: in fact, flexibility, wellbeing, cost-savings, and performance have all improved by some standards. On the other hand, there have been costs as welland knowledge sharing have declined.

To deal with the challenges presented by an increasingly remote and diverse workforce, employers must be ready to fundamentally rethink productivity, culture, and employee engagement.

The future of work (FOW)

Ready to start changing the culture in your organization ?

Ready to teach people about the power of asking for help, and being a giver and helping others?

Ready to put the E(quity) and I(nclusion) into your DEI journey?

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