Purpose built to solve
a variety of problems

Our solutions, Givitas and The Reciprocity Ring, were built for a purpose: to help improve the sharing of knowledge and foster generosity across organizations. Our solutions have been applied to a variety of different types of organizations and have helped to solve a myriad of problems.

Prepare for the future of work

The way we work has changed forever.

The future of work offers tremendous advantages: in fact, flexibility, wellbeing, cost-savings, and performance have all improved by some standards.

To deal with the challenges presented by an increasingly remote and diverse workforce, employers must be ready to fundamentally rethink productivity, culture, and employee engagement.

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Build Equity and Inclusion

Research shows that DEI makes companies more profitable, innovative, and effective. But diversity without inclusion is just checking a box.

Equality and belonging unlock the true value that diversity offers.

Let Givitas show you how creating a collaborative knowledge-sharing community can transform your teams. Schedule a demo today.

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Energize student and alumni networks

Use the Reciproity Ring and Givitas to create generous communities that support the school

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Find out what hundreds of organizations and 100,000 users already know.

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It’s a proven fact that sales, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, retention, and other business metrics all improve when employees work collaboratively.

For associations, nonprofits, and other affinity groups,  engagement and involvement skyrockets when members can connect.

Let Givitas show you how creating a collaborative knowledge-sharing community can positively impact your bottom line.

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Givitas makes people feel safe asking for help. We built in features like recognition and gratitude to drive positive, productive exchanges.

Good technology can be good for the world and good for business. Science shows you can drive hard ROI by encouraging collaboration and connection.

Connecting with peers, leaders, co-workers, and friends online should make us feel better, not worse.

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