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Givitas Makes Knowledge Sharing Fast and Easy

Because connecting online should make you feel better, not worse! Our easy-to-use, simple interface will help your teams drive ROI, connect, and foster generosity.

Givitas helps bring the reciprocity ring into your daily life

Givitas works in any industry



Gvitas helps association members  collaborate, share knowledge, help each other, and be more engaged


Gvitas helps non-profits  collaborate, share knowledge, help each other, and be more engaged


Gvitas helps economic development organizations  collaborate, share knowledge, help each other, and be more engaged

Economic Development

Givitas helps universities, business schools, and executive education programs teach people how to ask for help, collaborate and share knowledge

Academic Institutions

Gvitas helps thought leaders create an engaged, collaborative, and helpful community

Thought Leaders & Affinity Groups

Listen to our happy customers

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Why Givitas Works

We know that engagement, loyalty, and even profitability are all outcomes of creating a generous culture.These truths hold up whether you are a corporation, a university, an association, or a nonprofit.

We didn’t make this stuff up–our technology is inspired by academic research by two of our co-founders:
Adam Grant in Give and Take
Dr. Wayne Baker in All You Have to Do is Ask.

Givitas improves the culture of an organization

How Givitas Works

“No question is a bad question.”

Employees, members, customers, students, or other stakeholders are organized into groups.

They can easily exchange help, resources, advices, connections, and more.

Searching a repository of institutional knowledge, collaborating, and connecting takes under 5 minutes a week.

Everyone gets equal access to resources regardless of status, age, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other trait.


Givitas does not replace general-use, collaboration platforms (e.g. Slack, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, etc.), but instead offers a purpose-built complement, with features, functionality, and integrations designed to build networks, improve culture, and boost efficiency.

Givitas integrates with Microsoft Teams and Slack

Givitas Benefits

The Reciprocity Ring was traditionally done as a face-to-face, in-person group exercise. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing remote-working trends, we have developed an equally powerful virtual version of the activity that can be performed with remote participants using our training materials and video conferencing.

Givitas is easy to use

Easy To Use

  • Requires less than 5 minutes a week

  • Reduces the stigma associated with asking for help

  • Provides analytics and metrics on usage and benefits

Givitas builds trust, generosity and gratitude

Fosters Generosity, Gratitude, and Trust

  • Makes it easy to be a giver

  • Generates and supports positive emotions and actions

Givitas improves engagement and builds loyalty

Boosts Engagement & Loyalty

  • Connects members, donors, students or alumni

  • Boosts loyalty to your organization

  • Increases engagement with your brand or content

  • Less “noise” and higher usage levels than other commonly-used tools

Givitas improves business results and drives positive Return on investment

Drives ROI and Improves Business Results

  • Encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration across silos and geography.

  • Improves efficiency, finds answers, solves problems faster

  • Captures organizational memory

Learn How Givitas Drives ROI

A multinational technology enterprise used Givitas to build helpful connections among employees at six global delivery centers

Over a three-month period, a sample of 43 employees reported:

  • Time savings of 595 hours

  • Net value of $122,225

  • ROI of 850%

  • Deeper, closer connections with peers in other countries

Givitas helps organizations improve
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