Be prepared for the future of work

Remote work, a pandemic, and renewed focus on inclusion require an evolution of the way we work, engage, and help each other. Thus, collaboration, culture, teamwork, and equity
have never been more important.

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The way we work has changed forever.

The future of work offers tremendous advantages: in fact, flexibility, wellbeing, cost-savings, and performance have all improved by some standards. On the other hand, there have been costs as well: Remote-team collaboration and knowledge sharing have declined. Onboarding, training, and have become increasingly challenging.Employee loneliness and discontentment are rampant, and building a is harder than ever.

Equity and inclusion are on everyone’s minds, but harder than ever to achieve an inclusive work environmentwith a dispersed workforce. To deal with the challenges presented by an increasingly remote and diverse workforce, employers must be ready to fundamentally rethink productivity, culture, and employee engagement.

To deal with the challenges presented by an increasingly remote and diverse workforce, employers must be ready to fundamentally rethink productivity, culture, and employee engagement.

Tackle Common Virtual Workplace Issues

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Download our future of work e-book

Work Flexibility is the New Normal

Recent research found that 75% of remote workers want their employer to offer the same flexibility even after the pandemic is over.

According to Adam Grant, "We’re going to see a lot of employers embrace more flexibility around working from home and having virtual teams. They’re going to find out that it wasn’t as impossible as they thought it was, and there are some productivity gains that come from not having to commute, and getting to work where you want.”

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Learn How to Embrace Workplace Flexibility

Returning to the Office?

As more people get vaccinated, more companies are returning to the office.

According to a FlexJobs’ survey, 95% of remote workers say that their productivity has been as good or better than it was in the office.

What will the new normal look like? How can employees remain productive, engaged, and connected as more companies start to embrace a hybrid model of work?

There are tools and techniques to build connected teams and a positive work culture, whether people are working from the office, from home, or from anywhere! Download the free white paper to learn how.

Build a Better Hybrid Workforce

Team Building and Morale Boosting

Surveys of American workers show that although most of us enjoy the flexibility of working remotely, one issue that often ends up at the top of our list of downsides is “loneliness.” Moreover, “camaraderie” is the top thing people are looking forward to about eventually returning to in-person work.

Studies show that even before the pandemic, up to 40% of wage earners felt isolated at work, a statistic that has surely not improved with the advent of working virtually.

In our white paper, learn how the new future of work presents an opportunity to build stronger teams and boost morale to new levels.

Learn How To Build Better Teams

Building Inclusion and Belonging at Work

Evidence shows that remote work could be good for diversity, because of increased access to a wider pool of candidates. However, the same forces that have a potentially positive impact on diversity have dealt a huge blow to equity and inclusion.

Remote work makes it harder than ever to build a safe space where all employees have a seat at the table, both to contribute and to get what they need.

Our white paper shares ways to bring a renewed focus to equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Build Inclusion and Belonging

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