Inclusion and Belonging Have
Never Been More Important

Research shows that DEI makes companies more profitable, innovative, and effective. But diversity without inclusion is just checking a box.

Equality and belonging unlock the true value that diversity offers. Let Givitas show you how creating a collaborative knowledge-sharing community can transform your teams.

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"One of the things that I love... is the way that we're able to see our employees and Employee Resource Group Members connect to crowdsource knowledge. This is a way for us to see how we're building networks across business functions and across the organization!"
- Karen, Lumen Technologies

Givitas: We put the I in DEI

Give and Take’s proprietary technologygives everyone equal access to the collective intelligence of leaders and peers.

Our enterprise customers use Givitas within and across ERGs, or across the entire company to create inclusive, collaborative knowledge sharing communities.

Research shows that one request in Givitas takes 5 minutes but saves 4-8 hours and $600-$2000.

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The Reciprocity Ring: Teach and Practice Asking for Help

The Reciprocity Ring is a dynamic group exercise that has been used for more than 20 years to teach employees the value of asking for and offering help at work.

Participants feel a sense of inclusion and belonging with a team while also solving real business problems. The Reciprocity Ring is the perfect activity for team meetings, ERG summits, or leadership development initiatives.

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We Can Measure Inclusion
in Your Workplace

With specialized mapping technology, our solutions have proven their ability to integrate previously separated work groups. To learn more about fostering true inclusion, schedule a demo!

networking map of diverse group
network of diverse and inclusive group
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Give & Take has a unique approach

Step 1
Teach and Practice

Teach diverse groups of employees how to rely on each other for help and insight on work-related issues.

Step 2
Foster Belonging

Give everyone EQUAL access to the advice, knowledge, and experiences of peers and mentors in collarborative knowledge-sharing networks.

Step 3
Measure Results

Let us show you how inclusive your network is with proprietary maps, visualizations, and metrics.

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