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Does your Organization have a Culture of Generosity?

Extensive research underscores the principle that being a giver at work makes people happier, more successful, more effective, and more efficient while making companies better. In fact, employee engagement, productivity, efficiency, and even profitability are all outcomes of creating a generous culture.

Take a look at our checklist: are you doing everything you can to support a culture where people are generous with their time, talents, resources, and expertise?

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Does your Organization support People Asking for Help?

A willingness to ask for help is central to a happy and productive work life. In fact, a reluctance to ask for help is incredibly limiting and destructive to our careers and lives. When we try to be self-reliant and our team members try to solve every problem on their own, we often miss out on a wealth of resources that could drive increased success and fulfillment.

Does your organization provide a safe environment where it’s easy to ask for help and get the answers you need? Download our checklist and find out.

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Let us help you create a more inclusive workplace
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The Reciprocity Ring is a one-time, face-to-face or virtual exercise that makes asking for and offering help easy. Learn how to put these principles into action every day using Givitas, a scalable technology platform that makes it easy to ask for help.

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Givitas is a scalable technology platform that makes it easier for employees to ask for help. This purpose built, safe space was designed based on scientific research showing that generous work communities create loyal, efficient, happy employees.

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