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It’s a proven fact that sales, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, retention, and other business metrics all improve when employees work collaboratively. For associations, nonprofits, and other affinity groups, engagement and involvement skyrockets when members can connect. Let Givitas show you how creating a collaborative knowledge-sharing community can positively impact your bottom line.

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How Givitas Brought a Global Workforce Together




An American multinational IT company had six delivery centers scattered around the globe.

Each delivery center functioned as an independent silo, unable to learn from mistakes or progress made in other centers.

The IT company implemented Givitas to build helpful connections among employees at six centers around the world.

Individuals at these locations were able to exchange help while increasing their engagement, elevating their energy, and producing tangible ROI.

Over a three-month period, a sample of 43 employees reported:

Time savings of 595 hours
Net value of $122,225
ROI of 850%
Deeper, closer connections with peers in other countries

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When Work Matters, How We Work Matters Even More

Give and Take’s proprietary technology, makes it easy for people on your team to get that missing piece of advice, information, or knowledge that is slowing them down and impacting business performance.

With Givitas, you don’t have to know who to ask, and the responsibility of generosity is spread across the team with no undue burden on a few “givers.” Everyone has a voice and has equal access to mentors and experts.

Research shows that one request in Givitas takes 5 minutes but saves 4-8 hours and $600-$2000.

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