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How Givitas Implements Give and Take

March 13, 2018

In 2013, organizational psychologist and Wharton professor Adam Grant took the business world by storm with his bestselling book Give and Take.

The book's simple but profound premise: generous people are more successful at work than selfish ones, a claim backed up by extensive empirical data. The book was named one of the best books of the year by Amazon, Apple, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Oprah Magazine, Forbes, the Harvard Business Review and the Washington Post.

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Corporate America took notice. And leaders have flocked to the notion that individuals and companies do better when organizations build and sustain a corporate culture of giving.

While Grant's research focused on the importance of giving, University of Michigan Professor Wayne Baker has done extensive research and has a forthcoming book on the topic of asking for help. It turns out that a willingness and ability to ask for help is just as crucial to individual and team success as giving and can sometimes be an even harder barrier to overcome.

Last year, Adam Grant, Wayne Baker, and Cheryl Baker joined forces to create a new company called Give and Take. Give and Take created Givitas, a technology platform that helps enterprises implement the principles from Grant and Baker's research using a scalable, measurable, manageable technology.

Givitas makes it easy to request help or provide it to colleagues. In the process, Givitas enables organizations to create and sustain a giving culture that embodies the principles and concepts in Give and Take. Companies that use Givitas enjoy positive business outcomes like increased employee efficiency, productivity, retention, and engagement.

Download our free ebook to review seven key lessons from the book and how the Givitas platform helps enterprises put those principles into action.

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